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Shanghai Risoo Technology Spin Co., Ltd. signed Dralon fibers agreement with Dralon.

Since a regional exclusive agent agreement for Dralon(R)X351 fiber was signed between Shanghai Risoo Technology Spin Co., Ltd., the wholly-owned subsidiary of Shanghai Hua Shen Import & Export Co., Ltd., and Dralon GMBH on March 17, 2013 to designate Risoo as the only authorized dealer to sell Dralon(R)X351 fiber in the mainland of China,   both parties renewed a three-year exclusive agent agreement on November 4, 2015, under which Risoo will continue to orderly promote Dralon(R)X351 fiber in the Chinese market. The X351 fiber originated in Germany is a new type of fiber which is produced by high-tech dry spinning method and featured of super fine, special shape carbon green and will provide Chinese clients with a new user-friendly textile material with super softness, elasticity, warmth, comfort and colorfulness. 



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