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Visit of Vice PM Wang Yang

On July 9th, 2016, Vice Premier Wang Yang looked into the Shanghai Textile (Group) Co., Ltd., gaining an in-depth understanding of the development of a new form of foreign trade as well as how traditional foreign trade enterprises strive to upgrade themselves to meet the competition through innovation and transformation. Vice Premier Wang came to Shanghai Hua Shen, and listened carefully to Mr. Chen Zheng, the general manager of the company with regards to global supply chain management, Bangladeshi production base, as well as RFID technology in the hotel linen management application introduction. Chen Zheng showed the RFID chip embedded towel and gave a live demonstration about how technology helps hotel management directly with product usage and inventory control. Vice Premier Wang viewed the whole process with great interest. The handheld RFID scan device also generated his strong interest. Zheng Chen told Vice Premier Wang: “You can see the future with Shanghai Textile RFID chipped towel when you travel overseas, there will be a feeling of home.” Meanwhile Mayor Yang Xiong also made a request to us: he wants us to make our own brand with our technology.



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